An ominous darkness, a shadow in the night, an insurmountable force to be reckoned with, spilling forth with a vengeance from your speakers.

From the steel plants in the heart of Dixie. Lurking deep in the swamp and forged with the sweat of the Gulf of Mexico. A sound as vast as the southern weather pounding iron under a blacksmith's hammer. In an age where bands are turning their amps down choosing rather an acoustic approach STEGO blossoms with vigor. Furiously trudging toward the line that separates dark from light, alternative and progressive, the trio sets it's self apart from the fold with raw unbridled emotion like an awakened golem crushing the terraform underfoot.

The trio is the product of a vast array of influences and experimentation blended together to shape a high energy, explosive rock and roll experience. The music of STEGO merges an alternative rock foundation with the power of a progressive core, and the result is a distinct and satisfying sound. Their hefty catalog of music has been an ongoing work since 1999, when Chandler spent several years touring the states and abroad. While working on other projects, the work was shelved along the way, and after years of experience and revision, this work has become the STEGO songbook.


The sophomore album "Void Clear Light" is set to drop soon.

The debut Album "Comet Scar" now available on Itunes, Rhapsody, Spotify & Amazon MP3



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